Guittard 0145 Milk Baking Chocolate Maxi Chips, 25Lb

Guittard Milk Baking Chocolate Maxi Chips have been a favorite of professional bakers for years. Choose from our selection of white, milk, or semisweet dark chocolate chips, all made with natural vanilla in the finest Guittard tradition. There is not a much better substitute for a milk chocolate baking chips. Guittard Milk Chocolate Maxi baking chips are a large size baking chip.

Guittard: one of America's oldest & most esteemed chocolate companies. Excellent, fine grind chocolate chip. Guittard's milk drops have superb, full impact that will please any chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. Now you can use Guittard's quality chips to make your own scrumptious cookies! The first milk chocolate baking chip of its kind, this extra large milk chip delivers smooth creamy dairy notes with a classic chocolate flavor.Extra large milk chocolate baking chip. Delivers smooth creamy dairy notes with a classic chocolate flavor.