Diaper EZ Odor Vault 50 Pack / Reusable/ Patented High Tech Pouch & Seal Design Lock

Diaper EZ Odor Vault The first ever patent pending air-tight & odor-tight pouch that locks in any and all odors, 100%, indefinitely.

While existing products try to mask, absorb or disguise odors, the revolutionary patent pending ODOR VAULTt m locks in any and all odors for easy odor containing disposal Odor Vaulttm pouches allow anyone to Close & Dispose anything that gives off a foul odor.

Anywhere, Anytime! Patent pending multi-layered material, proprietary sealing technology, and recently developed locking closure system prevent all odors from escaping once enclosed. Pouches are well suited for home or when traveling 50 pack includes easy mounting dispenser