Single Origin Chocolate-Mexico- Semi-sweet Callets- 66% cacao- 5.5Lbs

What's the fuss over whether beans come from a single region?

Answer: Cacao beans- much like tea leaves, coffee beans, and wine grapes- are a terroir product. This means they take on the flavor profile and characteristics of the region they grow in--flavors unique to that soil, climate, and environment. Some regions have very specific flavor profiles.

MEXIQUE 66% After a slightly sourish initial taste, this Mexico Origin dark couverture chocolate with its high cocoa content releases spicy and woody notes, with a hint of liquorice.

Origin of beans Mexican cocoa beans, mainly Forastero

Pairing Tips: Cinnamon Ginger Bread Curry Liquorice Raspberry Banana Banyuls AOC / Sweet Wine Caramel Hazelnuts Raspberry Vinegar

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